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CEO: Stephen Raff

Stephen Raff - Prior to setting up Ace Body Corporate Management Pty Ltd, Stephen had many years experience as a National Training Manager, Sales Manager and Administration Manager and was heavily involved in Sales and Marketing areas. He has been particularly experienced in conflict resolution and is well read on personality styles and people management. Whilst the company has been in existence for over 14 years Stephen has taken an interest in Bodies Corporate for a total of about 20 years and was President of Strata Community Australia (Victoria). A long time resident of the southern suburbs, Stephen enjoys social tennis, socialising and fishing.

National Training Manager: Julie McLean

Julie McLean has over 20 years experience in the building construction industry. She has been involved in design and construction of mechanical services for commercial buildings and has managed building services for leased premises, as well as a NATA quality system for a scientific organisation. Julie is also a Fellow Strata Manager (FSM) and has been with an Ace manager for over 10 years. Julie has many interests such as being a Girl Guide Leader for the Highett Girl Guides, tennis and sailing.

Senior Body Corporate Advisor: Ray Easterbrook

Ray Easterbrook previously worked in the childcare industry as an owner/manager of multiple childcare centres. Ray was also a body corporate secretary for many years, which ultimately led him to become an Ace Body Corporate franchisee. As a long time resident living near the beach, he is well aware of the harsh conditions experienced and is a specialist in the area. He has been an Ace manager for over 15 years and is a CPSM. His interests include football and dining out.

Vivian Chen: Executive Assistant

Prior to joining Ace, Vivian worked as a Senior Translator in a law firm and a Personal Assistant to General Manager in an international waste management company in China. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Culture and Communications and a Diploma in Business Administration. 

Vivian has been an Executive Assistant in Ace Body Corporate Management Pty Ltd since 2007.  Her key role has been providing administrative support to the CEO and the management team, which includes preparation of documents, file management, organisation of meetings and conferences, liaison with clients, suppliers, managers and employees, and travel arrangements. Interests include travel and cooking.

Daniel Hunt: Business Development Manager

Daniel Hunt has experience working in the media industry, specifically providing media monitoring to a broad range of companies and government departments. He graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Communication.

Daniel’s unique understanding of how the media industry operates and impacts on the success of a company is paramount to his role at Ace Body Corporate Management. His interests include Golf and Cricket.


Binnie Raff: Administration Manager

Binnie Raff had completed a three-year nursing course in Vietnam prior to migrating to Australia. She was later employed by an Australian hospital as an enrolled nurse.

Binnie’s key role in Ace Body Corporate Management Pty Ltd since its 1995 establishment has been in the management and bookkeeping of accounts. She has a keen interest in administration management and ensures the Company’s accounts and office operations are managed both effectively and efficiently as the Administration Manager.