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Valued Clients,

In this spring edition, we want to share with you some of the things to keep on top of in this season, and shine a light on some new initiatives to support your body corporate’s success.

It seems that there is plenty of opportunity for Australian’s both living and working in strata title developments. According to Strata Community Australia (SCA), around 50% of the population will work or live in strata by 2040.

And firstly, it is important that bodies corporate play a role in keeping this growing population safe.
One question we’d like you to ask yourselves is, are you prepared for the spring and summer pool season? The recently released 2017 Royal Life Saving National Drowning Report, highlighted the paramount importance of proper pool maintenance in strata complexes over this popular period of pool use.

The report identified a 32 percent rise in the number of fatal drownings of children under four years of age since last year.

The essential message in this issue is for those in body corporate living to be proactive, and double check their pool safety. We’d also like to encourage all communities to celebrate Kidsafe’s ‘Saving Lives’ Pool Party on October 1st, as an opportunity to support minimising pool safety risks and promote a safe and secure local community.

Following on from our last Newsletter, fire safety challenges due to the exposure of non-compliant building materials have continued to feature heavily in the news. With the growing fears in apartment living due to flammable cladding responsible for the tragedy of Grenfell Tower earlier this year, apartment owners and bodies corporate alike are being urged to schedule a fire safety audit ASAP.

In this issue we advise on optimising the safety of your body corporate when it comes to maintenance issues, from fire safety to adequate pool maintenance in the warmer weather.

If you’ve considering going greener by installing renewable solar panels, you’re not alone. The hikes in coal and gas energy prices and the slump in solar power costs have sparked greener and more cost-effective initiatives in many strata developments.

But be warned, a big challenge for bodies corporate going green will be not to rush into installing a more cost-efficient alternative. Experts have seen a rise in the number of fires caused by solar panels, due to inexperienced providers and cheap products.

With advice from our trusted suppliers in the fire safety field, we’ll discuss how strata property owners can best manage energy efficient upgrades and what to avoid.

So, what’s new for the Ace community? Now with over 115 franchises around the country, it’s been a very busy few months!
To give you more information on topics including pool safety, pets, or the weirdest and wackiest stories from strata, we’ve taken to establishing our own digital newsroom for you, by way of some videos uploaded to our Facebook page.

These short videos aim to make a range of issues simpler for anyone in body corporate living, and it’s something we’d love for you to tune in to, every week.
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