Committee Membership of an Owners Corporation

One of the big differences between living in a ‘good’ body corporate and a ‘bad’ one is how well the executive committee (committee) functions.

The committee of a body corporate is the group of elected owners (or their representatives) who are responsible for running and maintaining the block of units/apartment building/strip of shops/office building or whatever the structure of the body corporate is.

In Victoria, the maximum number of committee members is twelve people.

Who sits on a Committee?

Office holders – or committee members – are usually elected at the committee meeting following the first Annual General Meeting. Even if there is a strata manager and certain duties have been delegated to them, the secretary and treasurer are still able to exercise their powers, if they choose to do so. In most instances the strata manager performs all the functions of the secretary and treasurer and they operate in a supervisory position.

In addition to the members, each committee will vote in a chair and a secretary, all who have specific functions. These include:

  • Chairperson:
    The role of the chairperson is to conduct committee meetings and to decide on issues relating to voting and procedure.

  • Secretary:
    The secretary will be responsible for organising committee meetings and minutes, and related correspondence and administration.
  • In Victoria, the Owners Corporation manager can chair the committee meeting.

Committee Training

Committee work can be demanding, become overwhelming or its roles can be confusing. An Ace manager can deliver a short training course in an owner's unit, local meeting room, or at one of our offices.

The short course can be tailored as you wish and will generally cover roles and duties, committee functions and responsibilities, and completing documents and tasks. An open forum will allow committee members to ask for independent advice and any additional questions anyone may have.

Please make an enquiry for a quote request and further discussion. Alternatively, Strata Community Association (SCA) the Peak Strata Industry Body operates a formal SCA Committee Training Course that is available to interested members of the public. More details can be found on the SCA Website here

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