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New South Wales is Australia's 'Premier State' offering a wide variety of climates and a diversity of culture. NSW has more than 75,000 strata properties on title, while more than a quarter of NSW's population lives in, owns or manages strata. The state capital, Sydney, is Australia's most populated city. With constant high demand for housing, Sydney is forecast to continue strong growth in the strata property sector.

New South Wales terminology may differ from other states in terms of strata management legislation. Strata Managers manage the common property of the Strata Scheme with the help of an Executive Committee. When buying and selling property, the vendor disclosure document for the Owners Corporation is the Section 184 Certificate, which will be in the Contract of Sale.

Ace Body Corporate Management has been a member of the state strata management institute, Strata Community Australia (NSW), since 2003. Membership with SCA (NSW) is compulsory for all Ace NSW strata managers. Ace NSW strata managers all have a NSW Strata and Community Management Licence and obtain the post nominal, Certified Practising Strata Manager (CPSM).

The legislation affecting owners corporations in NSW is the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 also referred to as the SSMA. The rules, contained in this legislation and the Strata Schemes Management Regulations 2016, provide the entire requirements and conditions for the running and operation of every type of Strata Scheme in NSW today.

Other legislation affecting owners corporations in NSW include the Property, Stock and Business Agents Act 2002, Community Land Management Act 1989 and the Property, Stock and Business Agents Regulation 2014.

The dispute resolution body in NSW covering strata management is the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT).

The Ace Body Corporate Management website has one of Australia's largest sources of information on strata management. For further information, please contact your local Ace strata manager. Please use 'Local Branches' to search for your specific Ace manager or to find an owners corporation manager servicing your area.

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