Western Australia (WA) – Strata Companies & Strata Management

Western Australia (WA) is Australia's 'Real Thing' state, offering a wide variety of terrain and is well known for its mining industry and tourism. Western Australia has approximately 51,500 strata properties on title representing approximately 251,500 units. The state capital, Perth, is Australia's most lucrative capital city due its western front location and trading portal for the mining industry.

According to the ‘Australasian Strata Insights Report 2020’ conducted by the UNSW, about 4% of WA’s population live in apartments, which is well down on the national statistic of 9%. 62% of apartment residents in WA were born outside of Australia, which is above the national statistic of 57%.

Strata Managers manage the common property of the Strata Scheme with the help of an elected council. When buying and selling property, the vendor disclosure document for the Body Corporate is the Section 107/110.

ACE Body Corporate Management has been a member of the state strata institute, Strata Community Australia (WA), since 2004. Membership with SCA (WA) is compulsory for all ACE WA body corporate managers.

The legislation affecting bodies corporate in Western Australian went through significant amendments in 2020 and is the amended Strata Titles Act 1985, the Community Titles Act 2018, as well as the Community Titles Regulations 2021.

The dispute resolution body in Western Australia is the State Administrative Tribunal and Magistrate's Court.

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