South Australia (SA) - Strata Corporations & Strata Management in South Australia (SA)

South Australia is Australia's 'Festival State' and is known as the city of churches. South Australia has more than 25,000 strata / community properties on title representing well over 200,000 units. The state capital, Adelaide, is known as the city of churches and offers a great geographically central location to Australian cities.

South Australian (SA) body corporate terminology may differ from other states. Strata Managers manage the common property in the Strata Scheme with the help of a Management Committee. When buying and selling property, the vendor disclosure document for the Strata Corporation is the Section 7 of the Vendor's Statement, Section 41 of the Strata Titles Act, and Section 139 of the Community Titles Act.

Ace Body Corporate Management has been a member of the state strata institute, Strata Community Australia (SA), since 2007. Membership with SCA (SA) is compulsory for all Ace South Australian Strata Managers.

The legislation affecting bodies corporate in Strata Titles Act 1988, Community Titles Act 1996, Strata Titles Regulations 2003, and Strata Titles (Fees) Regulations 2001.

The dispute resolution body in SA is the Residential Tenancy Tribunal (Office of Consumer and Business Affairs Tenancies).

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