The Northern Territory is Australia's 'outback state' offering a wide variety of climates and a remaining heritage of Aboriginal culture. NT has over 2,800 strata properties on title representing approximately 25,000 units. The state capital, Darwin, was named after Charles Darwin. Darwin is forecasted to continue strong growth in the strata property sector due to the presence of military and the mining boom boosting housing construction. The population of the NT is approximately 250,000.

According to the ‘Australasian Strata Insights Report 2020' conducted by the UNSW, about 10% of Northern Territory’s population live in apartments. 54% of apartment residents in the Northern territory were born outside of Australia, which is slightly less than the national statistic of 57%.

Ace Body Corporate Management NT

Body Corporate Managers manage the common property of the Unit Title with the help of an elected Committee. When buying and selling property, the vendor disclosure document for the Management Corporation is not compulsory, but may be included the Section 37.

Prior to the legislation in Northern Territory changing in July 2009, all unit plans registered prior to this date are covered under the Unit Titles Act 2009 and Unit Titles (Management Modules) Regulations 2009. Any developments registered after July 2009 is under the Unit Titles Schemes Act 2009 and Unit Titles Schemes (Management Modules) Regulations 2009.

The dispute resolution body in NT for body corporate management is NTCAT.

Body Corporate Definition

A body corporate is an association of people who are responsible for managing a Northern Territory strata property. A body corporate in the NT may be established by a group of owners, either when they purchase a property or it can be created by legislation to manage publicly owned land.

A Body Corporate in the NT is regulated by the legislation and has undergone many revisions both to deal with the continuous changing of property ownership trends, and ongoing prevalence of community management and to adjust to the evolving body of knowledge and experience gained from regulating the NT body corporate industry. There are also certain NT body corporate rules and legislation that do not apply in other states and territories of Australia.

Body Corporate Rules NT

The obligations of a body corporate in the Northern Territory include responsibility for the maintenance and repairs of common property areas and their inclusions, on the other hand, lot owners are obligated to maintain their own lot and the facilities within its boundaries.

A body corporate manager who is paid is required to obtain an NT licence under the NT Agents Licensing Act 1979. The body corporate manager must also be appointed under a legal management contract or agreement. This contract gives details of the services to be provided and also the fees and other charges.

For further information, please contact your local ACE strata manager.


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