Strata Services

The Ace team consists of industry peers who have extensive experience and qualifications in strata management and in a range of body corporate related issues. An Ace manager will characteristically be a Certified Practising Strata Manager with a substantial peer support network to ensure an outstanding level of service.

Before you Make an Enquiry

At Ace, we understand that your strata property is a valuable asset that you wish to protect. Living under a body corporate can raise many queries about legal compliance, maintenance, property sales and dispute resolution. That is why we have built a large state-based information bank on strata management.

Before you discuss your issue, you should check the following points:
Does the issue involve common property?
* Your issue may be for you to resolve and not involve your body corporate

Have you checked the Ace strata management information bank to understand industry practices?
* There may be a misunderstanding about how a matter should be resolved

Do you understand the decision-making process of a body corporate?
* Your body corporate manager facilitates the decision-making process and acts on the resolutions of committee and members, in addition to the relevant legislation and state strata institute practices.

Contact your local ACE Manager

Ace understands that body corporate members are conscious of both management fees and manager ability. The next step is to contact your local Ace manager for a confidential enquiry to discuss your body corporate issue, Ace specialised strata services, or the process of transferring to an Ace manager.

Ace managers are happy to discuss your current situation with your body corporate and provide you with a Management Quote for your next meeting. To get a Management Quote or quote for other strata related services, please contact our head office or simply go to "Contact Us" and enter the state and suburb to find your local Ace strata manager.

Contact Head Office

Lastly, if you cannot find a local Ace manager, simply contact our national head office for assistance.

For manager grievance, please write, rather than call, to the Ace head office. Your matter can then be formally received, recorded, and handled. In your letter, provide a brief summary of accounts so that we can analyse the core issues and follow-up on them. Before you write about the manager, please visit our strata information bank first and determine if the issue is really with the law itself, a private property concern, or with another party. Email: generalenquiry@acebodycorp.com.au

Ace Body Corporate Management is dedicated to providing professional personal service and is here to help all body corporate members Australia-wide. For general assistance not related to the management of your property by an Ace manager, please call //1300 792 509

Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will provide you an obligation-free quote to suit your price-conscious budget and special circumstances. If there is a service that is not mentioned here, simply contact us and let us know as we can customise a service to your needs.