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  • Self Management vs Ace
    An Ace manager understands that as an owner of a home in a strata scheme that the value of your strata property doesn’t just rely on one owner, it depends enormously on the cohesive management of your strata scheme.
  • Leaders In Strata Management – Ace’s Unique Selling Proposition
    Ace’s franchisees promptly return phone calls, respond to emails and act on requests within an acceptable time frame, unlike many other strata management companies.
  • Holidays Approach – Strata Community Checklist
    The holidays are almost upon us – finally! Whilst we’re all looking forward to the rest and relaxation of holiday-time, it’s important your strata community is prepared for the unique challenges that holidays can present.
  • Solar In Strata
    Solar in Strata – What You Need To Know About New Strata Regulations
    Solar energy is far from a secret, but for strata property residents it’s been an option at arms length for many years. But all that could be about to change with new Government regulations to unlock strata communities from the solar market.
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  • Building Defects: A Body Corporate Action Plan
    Defect stories in the media sending a shiver down your spine? Discover a body corporate action plan from us. Feel free to send us a message for any questions.