Why we need pets in strata?

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August 10, 2017
September 14, 2017

Ace Body Corporate’s CEO stephen raff – topic today is pets – why pets? over two thirds of households own pets and Australians own the largest number of pets in the world. so pets are important to our living and to our strata communities. Why are they important? Because they provide enormous health benefits. reducing depression, reducing stress and making people feel much happier in their home environment. So we need to manage these pets if we want to continue living with the in starts we need to make sure they are abiding by the strata and by laws that are present throughout Australia.

So what do we need to do?

What do strata managers and owners need to do to ensure these laws are being abided by? One of the major issues that is that if pets are not accompanied by their owner on common property they could cause a slip, trip or fall issue for other people if they’re not on a lead.

For a dog for example, defecating on common property it could cause a problem for somebody to slip as well as being an odour problem.
Cats can also cause problems by getting into stairwells and causing trips of falls in these areas.

So if you are looking at renting or buying a property, look at the bylaws and study them and be aware of what your pets can and cant do. If you can do this then you and your pets can live together with a benefit to the community.

pets in strata