Keeping Strata Community “Online” as Restrictions Tighten
April 30, 2020
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June 23, 2020

Keeping your community one step ahead of an uncertain future.

Technology’s role in helping break down barriers in the COVID-19 pandemic has been telling.

As a wider society, we’re now using Zoom meetings to socialise with friends, the COVIDSafe app to trace whether we’ve come into contact with the virus, and certainly Uber Eats and food delivery apps to help us get a taste of restaurant quality food while in lockdown!

So what’s holding your scheme back from adopting technology and transforming into a smart community? Nothing. There’s nothing stopping you from making your strata community more efficient, and disruption free moving forward.

At Ace, we’ve ourselves had to adapt in recent times to technologies like Microsoft Teams and Bluejeans which has helped us maintain close communication with owners.

You might be asking, what are these strata technologies? How can they help me as an owner or my community as a whole?

In this article we will identify what strata software and technology you should be looking at adopting, and the reasons why.

What tech?

Strata Vote

StrataVote is an electronic strata voting system that currently provides services to 15 per cent of the Australian market with 450,000 end users.

The software allows strata managers to run meetings with property owners remotely and is now being rapidly expanded to allow live voting at AGMs following a spike in demand. Lot owners can click through and vote online if they wish or attend a meeting in person.

At Ace, we’re proud to be currently testing StrataVote to ensure our local managers can still maintain their close relationships with communities no matter the (social) distance that keeps us apart. We aim to have this software operational for use in the coming months.


Likewise, Urbanise is a platform that helps strata communities stay on top of important tasks and overcome everyday disruption. Today, over 20,000 properties are managed smarter and more efficiently using the Urbanise platform.

Urbanise’s cloud software is used in a two-pronged capacity, one for facilities management and secondly for strata management.

It puts communities and managers in control of a platform where keeping track of maintenance schedules and arranging suppliers is done at the click of a button and it also allows communities to manage every aspect of their strata scheme and access documents on demand.

How will these technologies help me and my community?

Adopting a new system, technology or software isn’t a decision to be made on a whim, so we’ve laid out the case for exploring and adopting the strata tech out there in the market.

Whenever, wherever

Strata technology can give your community a sense of agility that you’ve never experienced. No more meetings and votes delayed by interstate travel of owners, or scheduling issues.

Doing your own research and investigating which tech makes the most sense for you provides a ‘whenever, wherever’ freedom to your strata management.

Streamlined approval and decision making

A consistent complaint surrounding strata property living is the drawn out process of reaching a decision. Having software that provides reminders to owners for upcoming voting and provides chat functions for communities to discuss issues in real time makes for a more efficient group of decision makers.

At Ace, we’ve found that using tech such as StrataVote or teleconference facilities to ensure that owners can actively participate in voting has increased the number of quorums achieved. It’s a miracle!

More engaged community members

Another clear benefit from our perspective is the ability of technology to ‘lower the barriers’ for strata participation. We strongly believe that smart, strata communities are underpinned by active community members and technology allows that to happen.

The everyday operations of strata living, between the paperwork and back and forth communicative nature of getting things done makes it a laborious process. Technologies like those we’ve mentioned neutralises that experience.

Easier Filing!

Last but certainly not least, easier filing!

Strata property can be a paperwork heavy industry, with seemingly endless papers for meetings, decision making and so on. Electronic platforms see that burden on communities disappear.

Ace is firmly at the forefront of technology investment within the strata field and we’re rolling out new tools for the benefit of our 65,000 owners around the clock. If you have any more questions about how an Ace manager (and their many tech assets) can help your community, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Seeking further advice?

If you wish to discuss any strata community coronavirus concerns further with an Ace Body Corporate manager, please do not hesitate to contact us via our website or undertake your own research on this matter. Please use the links above in the Education section to access up to date health authority information.

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