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The difference between a strata manager, a property manager and a building manager

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  Confused where a strata manager ends and a property manager begins? Here is a helpful guide for strata property owners in understanding the roles and responsibilities of strata, property and building managers.

5.14 Million Australians own their own home, but that hasn’t stopped a high level of confusion surrounding the property services sphere.

At Ace, we get a range of enquiries from strata property owners unsure of the services they require and we felt it timely to clear up what services are available to owners, and importantly who carries them out.

Strata Manager

A professional Strata Manager is engaged to manage the day-to-day affairs for a strata titled or community titled scheme or building. Strata Managers ensure that the scheme is properly managed for the enjoyment of all lot owners and tenants. A Strata Manager’s responsibilities include but aren’t restricted to the conducting of meetings, collecting strata levies, arranging repairs and maintenance, managing a scheme’s financial affairs and strata insurance. Your strata manager can also help to take control of and handle issues between residents and raises these with the body corporate committee for resolution. Strata Managers are known by many different names, depending on the state, territory and legislation, but most commonly strata manager (National), strata community manager (National), Owners Corporation Manager (NSW, VIC), Body Corporate Manager (QLD, SA, NT).

Reasons why you’d appoint a Strata Manager

  • To provide advice on legislation changes, health & safety obligations and more
  • To mediate the opinions, discussions and potential disagreements of a strata scheme
  • To record all paperwork and keep the strata scheme’s books in good order
  • To coordinate procurement of maintenance contractors & general upkeep of common property at your strata scheme
  • Professional Strata Management increases the overall amenity and value of an owner’s property by providing prudent and long term advice and guidance.
  • Building Manager

    A Building Manager, sometimes referred to as ‘Caretaker’, within the context of strata management is somebody who is usually stationed onsite at a building and performs daily cleaning and maintenance services. The onsite building manager reports any need for repairs to the Strata Manager and is the contact for any contractors performing work on common property. He or she typically works during normal business hours and reduced hours over the weekend. Often, and commonly in Queensland, we observe communities where the Building Manager is also a resident.

    Reasons why you’d appoint one

  • To manage common property
  • To maintain common property assets
  • To manage security and access of common property to tradespeople
  • Act as a concierge or contact point for short stay accommodation, security, postal deliveries
  • Property Manager

    A Property Manager typically works for a real estate agency and primarily represents the owner, or landlord, of a property and its tenants. They manage tenants of the property, collect their rent, oversee payment of certain bills and organise repair and maintenance. If the property is a unit, any repairs and maintenance relating to the airspace within the apartment is managed by the Property Manager, whereas any issues relating to common property are handled by the Strata Manager.

    Reasons why you’d appoint one

  • To secure and screen tenants for leasing arrangements
  • To act as an intermediary between yourself, the owner and tenants
  • To stay on top of private strata property legislation
  • So there you have it! From a strata property owner’s perspective, there’s a fit for all of these services in your life – simply consider what your priorities are and what services your property needs to run smoothly.

    Seeking further advice?

    If you wish to discuss any strata community matters further with an Ace Body Corporate manager, please do not hesitate to visit our contact page and locate your nearest Ace manager for a chat.

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