Leaders In Strata Management – Ace’s Unique Selling Proposition
August 29, 2019
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December 19, 2019


    Ace strata managers understand that as an owner of a home in a strata community that the value of your strata property doesn’t just rely on one owner, it depends enormously on the cohesive management of your strata scheme. All owners need to work together to enhance effective community living and ultimately this is enhanced by Ace’s professional strata management.

    Ace Body Corporate Managers: How We Help You

  1. Your Ace strata manager understands the importance of protecting your strata community’s value, as well as the many and varying aspects of cohesive strata living. Ace’s managers strive to sort out concerns before they become unmanageable problems. When you engage a professional Ace Strata Manager, you stand to gain by improving the value of your most prized and valuable asset.
  2. Ace’s managers will ensure your owners corporation gains value and saves money as you receive trusted technical advice which will enable you to make better informed decisions and therefore achieve greater results. A professional Ace Strata Manager applies their ongoing education and collective experience to the management of your owners corporation, as they keep up to date with legislation and potential issues impacting the industry.
  3. Ace strata managers will provide your strata community with impartial, transparent and objective advice. This will provide surety through better decision making; as you evaluate their advice to act with due care and minimise risks to your strata community. An Ace manager will maintain assets, manage funds and support resolutions to mitigate disputes in the interests of all parties. All Ace’s strata managers have made a commitment to uphold Strata Community Association’s (SCA) professional code of conduct to successfully navigate industry sensitive issues and offer expert advice to your committee members from an industry best practice viewpoint.
  4. An Ace manager can provide centralised and clear communication through their strata software portal or online noticeboards. Ace wants to assist the owners corporation in creating a real caring and harmonious strata community. Ace will ensure that everyone is kept well informed through all forms of communication, maximising process efficiency and minimising frustration and confusion. Your Ace strata manager has ready access to professional services and trades to support the smooth process of strata community maintenance and management. This will lead to quality improvement works, economical savings and coordination of the same. Ace’s strata managers do not take any commissions off tradespeople for appointing contractors and they verify that all tradespeople are licensed, accredited and insured.
  5. Ace strata management helps your strata community and committee members manage risks by being aware of your owners corporations legal obligations and compliance requirements. Ace is aware of common and topical industry challenges and uses best practice protocols to proficiently manage your OC.
  6. Ace strata managers have geographically located offices so they are on average approximately 20 minutes away from their furthest strata schemes, which means they can provide professional, personal, service to committee members.
  7. Ace’s strata managers own their own franchise, which means they care about their clients and are financially invested in the performance of their portfolio. When you have an issue you will be dealing with the owner of the business, who cares about the business and puts strata management committee members first.
  8. The overwhelming majority of Ace strata managers have been extremely successful in their previous business lives and have excelled in customer service-oriented roles. Ace’s managers have degrees in various faculties including; Accounting, Law, Psychology, Medicine, Engineering, Science, Education as well as Information Technology among others. Ace’s Strata Managers work as a team and utilise the various collective skills of the franchise group.
  9. Ace’s strata managers are supported by Ace Head Office on technology enhancements, business efficiency and training. Ace Head Office provides ongoing training to franchisees and their staff on changes to Strata legislation, OH&S/ WHS, essential services, interpreting strata plans as well as providing clear communication, mediation and conflict resolution.