strata meeting

June 27, 2022

Tips for Managing Difficult Owners at Strata Meetings

These past two years have been challenging indeed - on so many levels and in ways that have been impossible for anyone to anticipate and prepare for. And for rental property tenants and home owners the frustrations become even more prevalent when a small plumbing or building issue can’t be fixed for months on end. The increase in demand in the construction industry has lead to a shortage of labour and materials - not only in Australia, but throughout the world, and it is not over yet according to HIA Chief economist Tim Reardon who said “record low interest rates, coupled with home buyers’ desire for a bigger property during COVID-19, had created a rush for new home builds and renovations over the past two years” s Strata Managers we have seen all this unfold, and we understand our clients’ frustration, as we too have experienced it on a business and personal level. The emotional effects of lack of property maintenance (what we want when we want it or need it!) and the frustrations of delayed work are not to be underestimated.